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Failure to read old EAGLE files [message #169528] Tue, 21 February 2017 17:42 Go to previous message
Andreas Weidner
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Registered: November 2008
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EAGLE versions 6, 7 and 8 refuse to read some old files that version 5
can read without any problems. CadSoft at some time was so friendly as
to convert such files themselves (thanks again!), so that we could read
them with version 6, which is why I thought that version 7 and 8 would
be able to cope with that. Unfortunately, they cannot.

Some of our old files (which still pop up from time to time) produce one
of the following errors (I translate the messages, because we are using
the German version here):
1. 'Error while reading the intermediate XML file. The XML file was
saved as xxx.rpt.sch. Error: Line xxx, column xxx: Redefinition
of the name TYPE in the tag <attribute>'.
This prevents the schematics to be displayed on screen, because
NOTHING works anymore.
2. 'Board and schematic are not consistent'. The ERC then reveals:
'Component xxx has inconsistent packages in schematics and board
(DIP14_L@2 from DIGITAL.lbr / DIP14_L from IC.lbr)'.
This makes it at least possible to LOOK at the design on screen,
but, due to inactive F/B annotation, prevents changes.

Obviously, the best thing would be if a future EAGLE version were able
to open such designs directly. The second best solution would be a
separate smallish converter program, like 'update26.exe' for reading
VERY old files from version 2.x). The third best solution would be some
written documentation, which tells the users how to correct such
problems manually (probably even by hacking around in the XML file or so).

If anybody needs the offending files for debugging, I can send them, but
they are several hundred kilobytes, so I cannot use the newsgroup for

With best regards,
Andreas Weidner
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