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Newsgroup Guidelines [message #168790] Sat, 21 January 2017 21:23
James Morrison
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Hello everyone,

It dawned on me recently that CadSoft used to maintain a list of guidelines for these newsgroups and that got set aside during the Farnell years. And currently Autodesk is a bit unclear on their support forum strategy.

So in the interest of helping the new people along, here are a copy of the old newsgroup guidelines from yesteryear. Obviously the references to CadSoft are not applicable any more. But the general gist of it is. All thanks to the internet archive....

Of course I have absolutely no authority to enforce or impose such guidelines. But in the effort for clear, concise communication these are a good place to start.

Do post your question to the single most appropriate news group
Do not cross post your message to many groups. If you can't determine which group is the best, say that in your post, and ask someone to suggest which group would be better. Posting to the proper news group will usually speed up the response time to your message.

Stay on topic
When you post a new message or reply to a message ask yourself, "Does the subject line describe the contents of my message?" If the answer is no, you probably want to revise your message, modify the subject, or start another thread.

Sometimes a technical thread will evolve into a friendly chat on some other, unrelated topic. When the discussion has moved away from the original topic to the point that it is likely no longer of interest to the greater community, please move the conversation to e-mail.

Keep quoted text to a minimum
When replying to a message, quote just as much of the original text that a reader who sees only this reply will get an idea of what this message is about. Typically older messages will be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time, so that the original post that started a thread may no longer be present.

When quoting a previous post, edit out the non-relevant parts of the message. A good rule of thumb is that there should not be much more quoted text than new text. Do not re-post an entire message in order to indicate your agreement.

Do not flame or abuse other users
Do not make personal attacks upon other users. If you disagree with someone's post, speak to their points and ideas, not to their character.

We encourage users of these news groups to be interesting and informative. However, do not post anything that is libelous, abusive or hateful, an invasion of anyone's privacy, harmful to other users, or harmful to the business interests of CadSoft.

Do not advocate or engage in unlawful activities
Do not use the CadSoft news groups for unlawful purposes. Do not post anything that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation.

Do not post copyrighted material without permission of the author

Reply to postings in the news group, not via email
Do not contact users via e-mail unless specifically requested to do so. The preferred method is via the news group. This makes it possible for other people to benefit from the answer to your question as well.

In the same vein, do not request that responses be sent to you via e-mail. The information generated in these news groups is intended to benefit all parties. If you are asking an on-topic question, the answer to your question will most likely be of interest to others in the news group.

Do post messages in plain text
These news groups are intended to be open to everyone, to that end messages should be written to the lowest common denominator with regards to news readers. Please format your message as plain ASCII text. Every news reader can handle ASCII text, so to ensure that your question can be answered, or that your answer is understood, please post text-only messages.

Do not post messages containing HTML
Many older news readers are not able to cope with HTML tags. If you post in HTML, the text of your message will be lost in a welter of HTML tags, or will not show up at all. If you read and post messages from a web browser, ensure that the "Post messages in HTML" option is deselected.

Do not post messages with large attachments
Large files fill up our server more quickly, and are an annoyance for people who download and read the news groups off-line. If you need to attach a sample data file to demonstrate a particular problem, keep it as small as possible.

If you have a file or application that you wish to share, post a message describing the item, and offer to mail it to interested parties. Alternatively, make the item available on the web via FTP or HTTP, and direct interested parties to the associated URL.

Messages found in violation of these guidelines are subject to cancellation without notice

In case of technical problems with these news groups contact newsadmin@cadsoft.de

CadSoft does not necessarily endorse, support, or agree with the opinions or statements expressed in any of the news groups. Any information placed online is solely the view of those who post it

These are CadSoft news groups By participating, you grant to CadSoft the unrestricted right to use, reproduce, modify, translate, display, perform, transmit and distribute any material you post to a news group in any present or future medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

James Morrison ~~~ Stratford Digital
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