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EAGLE v8 subscription thoughts for non-commercial use [message #168735] Fri, 20 January 2017 13:10
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(A new topic not because there is a lack of threads on v8, but because they are all becoming heated currently so we need a more chilled one : )

I think it is inescapable that many things are moving to subscription models (even hardware devices can be subscription, and a few things that are not I feel should be, like my
home router if it fails - it is unfair of BT to charge for a new one when they know that there are very few other choices for home users to get a VDSL device that is
tested and approved to work in the UK; it ought to have been built-in to the service charge they receive).

There is still demand for new EAGLE features, and the reason those features are not available today might be revenue related because as more and more features are added,
if the base software cost doesn't increase then the money needs to come from somewhere else to maintain the old and the new features so the costs will continue to grow. And
subscription may open up some strategic opportunities that Autodesk might not be telling us about yet - e.g. some clever mix of EAGLE with off-site cloud based redundant backup
of engineering designs or a super-advanced cloud based autorouting system which could save users cost if they don't need to upgrade their PC to a dozen CPU cores to run it locally.
This is a random idea, but the point is that without subscription model some ideas could be difficult to execute because there would be a storage cost that is ongoing
for Autodesk, and no-one likes being nickel-and-dime'd for each feature individually; a buffet is better than a-la-carte sometimes.

What I think some people are unhappy with is the locking of software because it is near-impossible to eliminate all risks of accidental lockout, e.g. if you're offline for a very long period or
if you change hardware or forget your password (these are just examples, not all necessarily apply for EAGLE).
A solution could be to have an honor-based system, where people subscribe but there is no actual software lock after the initial install/verification. It could be argued that not all people are
angels and there will be abuse. However it could also be argued that those who wish to abuse will find ways to do so even if there was a software lock.
Anyway, this is just a thought from a non-expert on licensing and lock schemes, it may not reflect reality.

Anyway, my real point of this discussion piece is that there is the non-commercial segment of users who now have extremely limited options since v8. The Standard model doesn't work
because it is restricted to two layers. The Professional model is too expensive for non-commercial work. The educational license generally won't apply either, many loyal EAGLE users
have left college or university.
I would really like to see the old EAGLE Maker license to still be available for v8, but actually I'd love for a subscription version if it worked out cheaper than renewing the Maker license
each year. Something like 8 euro (including tax) max per month. It could even be mandatory for them to provide feedback, to help EAGLE improve rapidly, e.g. maybe they get the latest release
earlier so that they are the guinea pigs before the commercial users use it. It could help identify issues early, like things we may have already seen with v8 before commercial users get the e-mail to download it.
Or a promise (gentlemans agreement) to write some training material or short video on a feature we use in each new release we download). In other words, non-commercial users can offer
value too!
Anyway, these are just some ideas to find ways to get the revenue for EAGLE, rather than leave non-commercial users to stick with two layers in the free model or move to a different CAD system.
6 layers 100x160mm I feel should be supported for non-commercial use by the way.

I know you guys are busy fielding a lot of questions and dealing with the new release too, so I'm in no hurry for an answer but do please let me know at some stage what your plans are, I
do want to use EAGLE v8 but can't see how with the offered models today.

Many thanks.

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