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Trying to make button traces for pad-type button using copper contacts as a library part [message #166430] Sun, 31 July 2016 16:46
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Hello, i am working on a custom PCB for steering wheel controls for my car. The original PCB is all logic chip based and uses LIN-BUS data comms with the cars ECU, and its improbable that i will be able to pull any useful data from that system. I am attempting to make a new PCB using the shape and layout of the original one. I have gotten the shape made using inventor and exported it to DXF and imported it to eagle without an issue. I have come up with a resistive based ladder for the buttons to work with my system. the problem i am having is that i need to use the PCB copper layer for contacts. ive attached a picture of what the board looks like. the contact patches are 2mm, i was thinking of just drawing them on the layout of the circuit manually and hoping they come out right, but it would be WAY easier to make a library part for it and place them just like the components - but i cant get the library to work. i have followed tutorials and all that, but the scaling isnt working (it really does not make sense to me).  so does anyone know of a library with these kinds of contacts? i am not having much luck and this is my last effort before i just draw them on the board manually and cross my fingers. below is my first ever attempt at a PCB layout. the switches were just some that i found in the default libraries, but they obviously wont work for this situation - as i need the copper traces to be the switches. that is why i am trying to use a library part for it. i will have to re-do this whole thing - but thats the idea. i still have to put the LED circuit in there, but i didnt want to waste my time doing that until i got the buttons figured out. thanks for your help!Original article at https://www.element14.com/community/message/202787?tstart=0#202787.

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