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Beta version 7.5.1 available [message #164522] Tue, 22 December 2015 17:57
Walter Spermann
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A new beta version of EAGLE is now available for download.

Please see


for details about how to get, install and use it.

The changes since the previous version are:

- Taking into account connected ports to avoid 'Only one pin on net' ERC
error messages.
- Added Use and Un-Use buttons (with tool tips) in the ADD dialog to
countervail the (since V7.3) missing Drop button.
- Ensuring the requested precision on linear dimension values even if there
are trailing zeroes.
- Fix for wrong splitter position in device edit mode that could appear after
switching between different edit modes in library editor.
- Fix for EAGLE in commandline mode: it could happen that a given command
sequence (option -C) was executed in the wrong editor window.
- Made the return key in Control Panel work again for activation of
tree entries.
- Fix for a parse error if in a CAM job description the sequence '="' was used.
- Avoiding references to ports of wrong type in bus or net segments.
- Now the net class is copied if a signal polygon is renamed to a new signal.
- Termination of EAGLE by watchdog if the improper 'eagle.exe' is used together
with the CAM processor option '-X'.
- Fix to avoid pending file locks if EAGLE is closed over 'close all windows'
in taskbar.
- Marking lock files as hidden also on Windows.
- Fix for window positions and other project settings not stored on MAC if
EAGLE was closed with 'Quit' in the application menu.
- The User Language dialog object dlgTabWidget now accepts a parameter 'Index';
it has to be an integer variable and can be used to set the initial
dlgTabPage and to get the index of the current dlgTabPage.
- Fixed drawing SMDs with roundness, if printing with option ROTATE.
- Avoiding temporary (not intended) mirroring of gates with the middle mouse
button when moving them in the device editor.
- Ensuring the proper device (package variant), if automatically changing into
the invoke mode while adding a device.
- bom.ulp: Fixed handling descriptions containing TAB characters.
- Changed handling of package names in the UPDATE command used in a library
to case insensitive (syntax 'UPDATE package_name@library_name').
- Added validation of bus name when it is changed by command line with
'NAME newBusName'.
- Ensuring proper cap style if constructing a new ARC.
- Added a note to help about eaglecon.exe including a warning regarding
the closing of it.
- Avoiding unintended deletion of several MUST gates w/o using Shift+Left.
- Made the popup menus for parameterbar, toolbar and commandbar buttons work
again on MAC.

A detailed description of all changes can be found in the files
UPDATE and HISTORY.beta that come with the betatest archive.

Please do not post problem reports as a reply to _this_ message!!
Start a new thread with a descriptive subject for each report (this
makes handling these reports a lot easier for us).

If possible, please post in ENGLISH rather than German to allow
international testers to follow the threads.

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