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Beta version 7.2.1 available [message #160408] Thu, 16 April 2015 14:53
Walter Spermann
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A new beta version of EAGLE is now available for download.

Please see


for details about how to get, install and use it.

The changes since the previous version are:

- Now 'CHANGE layer' is using a drill, according to the Design Rules and
net class settings, if Option.AutoSetRouteWidthAndDrill is set.
(Settings Dialog: Options/Set/Misc/Auto set route width and drill.)
- Allowing addition of a via or signal wire with no corresponding net to an
existing hierarchical signal (with NAME or properties dialog).
- Avoiding change of hierarchical signals to non-hierarchical ones using
WIRE or VIA command if f/b annotation is active (this can't be backannotated).
- The memory consumption of the TopRouter variant was reduced significantly.
- Improvement of import of ACCEL ASCII format: import of pin-pad connections if
available from library (change in import-accel.ulp).
- Avoiding unjustified ERC warnings, while checking 'Close but unconnected
wires in net' on net wires with big wire width.
- Corrected unnecessarily small size limitation of the module symbol when
loading from schematic file.
- Fix for endless recursion in ERC/DRC error dialog after error list was cleared
and approved errors were attempted to disapprove.
- Attribute search in ADD dialog: fix for usage of non-word characters (like
'%', '{' etc.) in search expression for the value. It could happen
that matches were missing.
- Fix for autorouter to recognize the evaluate state in case of file names
with banks.
- Extension of file eagle.def for CAM format definition: added formats
GERBER_RS274X_33MM and EXCELLON_33MM with mm unit in format 3.3.
- Added the placeholder >MODULE to get the module name (for usage in
module sheets).
- Added the placeholders >SHEET_TOTAL, >SHEETNR_TOTAL and >SHEETS_TOTAL
to get the appropriate overall data (including the sheets of modules).
- User Language: Added the member UL_SCHEMATIC.allnets() to get all nets of
a hierarchical schematic.
- Improved example for layer setup in DRC dialog (symmetric setup).
- Changed the sort order of pads to alphanumeric if executing 'EXPORT pinlist'
in a board.
- Added a note in help on tolerated deviations in a consistent schematic/board
- Fix for duplication of an autorouter variant to take over limitation to
selected signals.
- Change to a new major version of the graphics and other 3rd party libraries
used in EAGLE. This involves following changes:
- More modern look&feel of the EAGLE GUI.
- Fix for various graphical issues on MAC platform (in particular OS X 10.9).
- Support for MAC OS X 10.10.
- End of support for MAC OS X 10.6.
- Printing in postscript format is no longer supported.
Users are requested to do printing in PDF format instead.
- Added 64 bit versions of EAGLE on all supported platforms. For each platform
two different packages, one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit are provided.
- Correct handling of multi line texts in library export from schematic or board
(fix in ULP exp-lbrs.ulp).
- Avoiding a possible inconsistency after changing the assembly variant;
if saving a drawing, ensuring the partner drawing with no real changes apart
from the assembly variant name is also saved.
- Fixed adding/removing modules with umlauts in the name.
- Changed handling of device and package names in the COPY command syntax
to case insensitive if copying library objects.
- Now 'OPEN .lbr' switches to the library editor window.
- Added the EAGLE documentation folder to Control Panel tree.
PDF documents can be opened directly with the appropriate default application
like Acrobat Reader. The folder can be adjusted in Options/Directories
and is stored in the eaglerc config file.
- The new documentation and the project folder in the Control Panel tree
show all files by default. Image and other binary files can be opened directly
with the appropriate default application. This extended mode can be switched
off in the View menu. The current setting is stored in eaglerc file under
- The drop button in the ADD dialog has been removed to avoid misunderstandings.
- The library tree structure in Control Panel has been extended:
packages have been moved to a subdirectory 'Packages', the list of symbols
has been added to a subdirectory 'Symbols'.
- In the Control Panel preview a scrollbar has been added for devicesets with many
devices (package variants or technologies).
- Extension of the library editor by a new "overview mode":
three lists (devicesets, packages and symbols) have been added to
the editor in its initial state when a library is opened.
Several actions can be done directly from that list such as opening
items, renaming, removing, changing description etc.
- Messagebox texts are now selectable by mouse and can be copied.
- Fix for a crash if loading a project, but not having the license for the
layout editor.
- Forced recalculation of bounding boxes in boards with 'window fit'
to avoid wrong window sizes if the board contains elements connected
to signals without visible wire.
- The add dialog in the device editor has been extended by a symbol preview
and description.
- Implementation of a basic file locking mechanism: by default any files that
are loaded into an EAGLE drawing or text editor are locked. For details
see online help.
- Fix of graphical flaw when moving a label having a pointer to a pinref
without netwire.
- Round SMDs of arbitrary rotated packages are no longer emulated
if drawn in the CAM Processor as Gerber data.

A detailed description of all changes can be found in the files
UPDATE and HISTORY.beta that come with the betatest archive.

Important notice for MAC:
The 32 and 64 bit versions for MAC are not avaialble yet !
We will deliver these soon and post it here.
Please do not post problem reports as a reply to _this_ message!!
Start a new thread with a descriptive subject for each report (this
makes handling these reports a lot easier for us).

If possible, please post in ENGLISH rather than German to allow
international testers to follow the threads.
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