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BeagleLogic – BeagleBone Logic Analyzer [message #159749] Fri, 20 February 2015 10:14
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BeagleLogic turns your BeagleBone [Black] into a 14-channel, 100Msps Logic Analyzer. Once loaded, it presents itself as a character device node /dev/beaglelogic.
The core of the logic analyzer is the ‘beaglelogic’ kernel module that reserves memory for and drives the two Programmable Real-Time Units (PRU) via the remoteproc interface wherein the PRU directly writes logic samples to the System Memory (DDR RAM) at the configured sample rate one-shot or continuously without intervention from the ARM core.
BeagleLogic can be used stand-alone for doing binary captures without any special client software.
The cape essentially consists of a TI 74LVCH16T245 16-bit buffer and associated power-on circuitry that ensures that the buffer does not come in the way of the power-up sequence of the BeagleBone (since the AM335x boot pins are shared with the BeagleLogic inputs). There is also a provision for cape EEPROM support that will be coming up shortly.
BeagleLogic – BeagleBone Logic Analyzer - [Link]Original article at http://www.electronics-lab.com/blog/?p=32994.

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