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EAGLE version 7.2 released! [message #158646] Thu, 27 November 2014 14:41
Walter Spermann
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A new version of EAGLE is now available for download at


The changes since the previous version are:

* MODULE command:

- Extended command syntax to prefix definition with 'prefix*'.
- Added input line for prefix in module creation dialog.

* Ports:

- Changed interactive behavior of the PORT command (now more like PIN,
see help for details).
- Allow renaming a port in the properties dialog.
- Increased distance of port name to module frame.
- Improved explanation for selection and movement in PORT command help.
- Added available busses to the command's selection list.
- Proper highlighting of a selected port and the display of its info string.
- Right mouse button now ignored; port rotation is chosen automatically.
- General support of autoconnection of ports to nets resp. busses when
moving module instances or placing copied module instances.
- Avoiding placement of port on port.

* User Language:

- Added new members module, modulepart and modulepath to UL_PART for better
support of parts in hierarchical schematics.
- New object type UL_ERROR in order to access ERC and DRC errors.
- Added a statement and test function to directly access a module
(e.g. if (module) module(M) { ... }).

* Miscellaneous:

- Support of userdefined context menu entries for module instances.
- Added translation of the GUI to Russian (help and manual are not included).
- Added an entry 'Open in Library' to package and device context menus in
Control Panel.
- Implemented eaglerc switch Warning.Cam.DrillsAndHolesConcurrent to allow (with
value '0') skipping the CAM Processor warning about concurrent output of drills
and holes.
- The SET command can now configure the popup menus for values of Dline_* by
setting the Dline_Width_Menu, Dline_Ext_Width_Menu, Dline_Ext_Length_Menu
and Dline_Ext_Offset_Menu arrays.
- Properties dialog for module instances: The combobox for offset is only shown
for module instances where offset is supported (on schematic main level) and
only the (still) available values are offered.
- COPY, PASTE, Import of schematic drawing (PASTE from file): If a net from a
bus is copied together with its bus, the copied net segments keep their name
in order to match to the bus.
- Import of schematic drawing (PASTE from file): Names of implicitely created
signals with unconnected power pin(s) are not changed in order to avoid an
- Import of schematic drawing (PASTE from file): In the net renaming dialog
nets from a bus or with implicit power pin(s) are no longer changeable and
indicated with icons and tooltip.
- Added ERC warnings for nets/busses which are overlapping with ports.
- Adjustment of file eagle.def for CAM format definition:
increased standard resolution for Gerber and Excellon of 2.5 inch.
The previous resolution of 2.4 inch is still available under GERBER_RS274X_24
and EXCELLON_24. Support for 2.6 inch as well with formats GERBER_RS274X_26
and EXCELLON_26.
- The new CadSoft EAGLE icon is now used for all cases (classic and new style).
- The assembly variant dialog has been taken out from the board editor to
avoid misunderstandings. The variant combobox is only changeable in main
- In order to avoid confusing object names in hierarchical designs, offsets for
module instances have been restricted to be unique within whole schematic.

* Bugfixes:

- Added the new V7 EAGLE icon (resolution 48x48).
- Fix for loss of attributes of devicesets without package after switching
between devicesets in library editor.
- Avoiding corrupt device if created by drag&drop of another package from
Control Panel to a deviceset in library editor if the package variant is
named with '' (empty name).
- Fix for proper support of drag&drop of a package from Control Panel to a
deviceset in library editor on Linux and MAC.
- Attributes of devicesets without package are no longer getting lost if a
package variant is created.
- Made eaglecon.exe for CAM batch processing work again.
- Support of renaming of polygons from/to hierarchical names with NAME command.
- Netclass dialog: fix for default dialog sizes in extended/unextended state.
- Fix for name generation in VIA command to avoid names already used in schematic
for nets without signal counterpart.
- Fix for handling of a group after setting it with setgroup() in a ULP.
(E.g. moving signals or nets of the group didn't work.)
- Ensuring that radius of a circle does not exceed its limit.
- Correct handling of single quotes if doubled in 'SET CONTEXT' commands.
- Speeded up RATSNEST for boards containing many contactrefs with route value
- Re-added missing direction of pins in the parameter toolbar.
- Fixed handling placeholder text '>GATE' in device context as in EAGLE versions
prior to V6.
- Made change of netclass for a group selection of nets work again.
- The 'General' parameter tab was added again to the dialog for the Follow-me
- Ensuring that always at least one technology exists for a device in the
device editor.
- Fixed highlighting of ports connected to the SHOWn bus.
- Avoiding junctions on ports with busses.
- Fix for crash on Windows when restarting PRINT command after deinstallation
of a printer previously used.
- Avoiding autoconnecting incompatible ports to busses or nets if moving
module instances.
- COPY/PASTE from package editor to board editor or from symbol editor to
schematic editor: avoiding creation of illegal wires or polygons in
signal, net or bus layer.
- Fixed possible inconsistency after renaming of nets connected to a port.
- Fix for display of HTML descriptions of device and package in Control Panel.
- Restriction of CHANGE PACKAGE/TECHNOLOGY in the board to non hierarchical
elements (same like VALUE).
- Autorouter: fix of possible crash in Routing Variants Dialog when deleting
- Update of V5 drawings: replacement of invalid character 'no break space' in
gate, pin and other names.
- Fix for proper takeover of netclasses if pasting from a module.
- Avoiding removal of a netclass which is only used in a module.
- Import of hierarchical schematic drawing (PASTE from file): fix for possible
erroneous duplication of identical modules.
- Avoiding of inconsistency after deleting bus type ports which are connected.
- EXPORT image monochrome: holes (from pads, vias and hole objects) are kept
free from copper.
- Installation on MAC: avoiding unintended deinstallation of a previously
installed version of EAGLE.
- Avoiding a possible inconsistency with net classes if connecting a port
with a net which has no corresponding signal in the board yet.
- Avoiding a possible inconsistency after renaming the currently selected
assembly variant.
- Fix of a potential crash during an active SHOW in a consistent schematic
and board after loading a different board or schematic.
- Fixed handling of dynamically generated net wires if modifying modules by
editing the module instances with drag&drop.
- Fix to avoid creation of module instances with offset notation referring to
the same module and using the same offset.
- Fixed a possible crash if adding a bus connection to a port.
- Fix of a possible inconsistency after changing module instance offsets
if several modules are used.
- Fix for unintended ripup of the corresponding signal if connecting segments
of the same net.

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