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Beta version 7.0.1 available [message #156834] Wed, 06 August 2014 10:08
Walter Spermann
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A new beta version of EAGLE is now available for download.

Please see


for details about how to get, install and use it.

We have just announced that EAGLE will be returning to the licensing system
used in version 6. You can read that announcement here:


The beta version has the reinstated version 6 system.
In order to enable you to test, there is a time limited Professional license file
contained in bin/betatest.key. The Installation Code is listed inside that file.
Besides the licensing change following bugfixes and improvements have been made:

- Fixed "Changed" icon in the Attributes dialog of elements coming from
a module instance with a specific variant selected.
- Fixed graphical issue in module instance resize.
- Fix for loss of sheet description when moving sheets across modules.
- Fixed link in UL_MODULE of the Online Help: UL_PORT was mislinked to UL_PART.
- Avoiding changes of netclass for signals in a hierarchy by CHANGE CLASS command.
- Name generation for module instances: If the prefix for the instance name
(the module prefix or the module name) ends with a digit, a '-' is inserted
before the numeric appendix.
- Avoiding generation of modules with irregular names (empty or just blank etc).
- Removed orphaned attribute of instance if during CHANGE PACKAGE a device
attribute has vanished.
- Adjusted wording for restart message after icon setting change.
- Fixed inconsistency after removing an overwritten attribute of a part
with variants in a module.
- Fixed position of attributes of part instances after moving across modules.
- Fixed ULP members UL_ELEMENT.column and UL_ELEMENT.row that returned '?'
in some cases where a valid column or row existed.
- Added ULP members to UL_PORT to get connected busses or nets to a port of a
module instance.
- Fix for wrong routing grid for autorouter variants after manual change.
- Performance improvement of TopRouter.
- Implemented eaglerc switch Option.Codec to enforce a specific codec like UTF-8
when writing files.
- It's no longer mandatory to have an actual net on the sheet of the module
instance, if exporting nets through a bus type port.

A detailed description of all changes can be found in the files
UPDATE and HISTORY.beta that come with the betatest archive.

Please do not post problem reports as a reply to _this_ message!!
Start a new thread with a descriptive subject for each report (this
makes handling these reports a lot easier for us).

If possible, please post in ENGLISH rather than German to allow
international testers to follow the threads.

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