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Hierarchy: Top-Down and Bottom-Up [message #156279] Sun, 13 July 2014 16:35
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To create a module one should get a form where he can input (by
keyboard) the interface: signal name, size (width), mode (in, out,
inout, etc.).
Upon confirmation (OK) the block should appear in the sheet list and
the drawing area should show the internals of the module.
I suggest automatically providing some reminder in this drawing area
concerning the names and modes (direction) of the defined ports (kind of
flags) so you can link your internal schematic to those interface nodes
without errors.

Q: why do you want the module ports to be qualified in, out, inout, etc?
This should result from the connections to the module itself. It is
the designer's responsibility to draw his schematics correctly.
The ERC process should get its information (to test for non
conflicting connections) AFTER flattening the design, i.e. from
the library component database.

Upon designing a schematic you want to encapsulate in a module, it
should be possible to qualify the interface node names with some
property (\I) or adding some simbol, like a flag.
You could at this point provide an automatic module generator (call it
"modgen" of "genview") which would draw the rectangle with the ports for
you and add the module to the sheet list.

There should be an easy way to change the port direction:
the property form of the module shows the port direction (mode) but it
is not possible to change it.

Once you have a few modules it should be possible to drag them from the
sheet area to the drawing field or to ADD them to the drawing field with
the ADD command (or a new command like ADDM).
The MODULE command is OK but in case of a NEW module - please see
"Top-Down" above.

It should be possible to stop the MODULE command adding existing modules
by pressing the ESC key like the regular ADD command and drop back to
the choice of modules (exactly like when you are working with a regular

BTW: is the shape of the modules bound to be rectangular: no graphical
frills foreseen?
Resizing only via the property form? Color?

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