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Beta version 6.91.2 available [message #156176] Mon, 07 July 2014 15:53
Walter Spermann
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A new beta version of EAGLE is now available for download.

Please see


for details about how to get, install and use it.

This is the 2nd beta version towards version 7.
In order to enable you to test the advanced features of
this new version like Hierarchical Design,
there is a limited time Professional license file
contained in bin/betatest.lic of your EAGLE installation
directory. Select this file as single user license in the
licensing dialog.

The changes since the previous version are:

- Usage of correct character set for licensing error messages.
- Fixed the wrong position of element attributes in newly generated boards
after initial display.
- Fixed delimiting of the undo buffer in PORT .. DELETE.
- Fixed adding/changing of attributes from hierarchical elements
(elements whose corresponding part is defined in a module).
- Displaying correct source icons in the attribute dialog for hierarchical
elements (icons indicating for an attribute where it was defined).
- Fix for PORT command when trying to delete a non-existing port.
- On Windows the default installation path in the setup dialog has been changed
from the Windows program folder to
C:\EAGLE-<version> (<version> being the full EAGLE version string).
Also an early check is done whether the user rights (in particular regarding
registry entries) are sufficient for the installation with appropriate messaging.
- Implemented own properties dialog for modules, containing a list of the ports.
It is reachable by INFO command or by the context menu of module sheet
- Improvement for moving a sheet thumbnail to the end of the schematic or module:
The sheet can be moved to the end of the upper schematic or module or to the
beginning of the lower module, depending on drop position.
- Support for snapping of a module instance to the current grid when selecting
to MOVE with Ctrl+Left.
- Offering the option for the classic set of EAGLE icons in the User Interface
- Avoiding drawing of a port at the wrong position when opening its property
- Fix for redrawing of module instances after changes on its ports.
- Fixed adding PORTs to rotated module instances (ports showed up at the wrong
- Display of object information in the status bar during SHOW for module
- Correction of formatting of exported netlists for hierarchical schematics.
- The thumbnails are now updated after a module size has been changed.
- Avoiding of property changes for hierarchical elements or signals in a board
if they are inherited from a module part or net (value, net class and
signal name).
- Fixed erroneous name conflict message if renaming a part to an already
existing module instance name.
- Fixed name generation if pasting a module with an already existing name.
- Avoiding unjustified ERC warning about missing objects if placing a part
with a pin directly on a port.
- Avoiding unjustified ERC warning about 'Only one pin on net' if this net is
also exported over a port.
- Improved error handling of the MODULE command.
- Exclusion of search paths defined by Flexera license path variables when
locating the EAGLE license file.
- Fix for proper file access rights during initial licensing on MAC.
- Now a net wire is generated after while separating a pin lying on a port.
- Limitation of the offset for module instances to a multiple of 100.
IMPORTANT: Due to this it's possible that drawings made with 6.91.1
can't be loaded with 6.91.2 ! (You may change the offset in 6.91.1
to a multiple of 100 before loading into 6.91.2).
- The new IDF export (a ULP) is available as entry 'IDF' under 'Export' of the
board editor's pulldown menu.

A detailed description of all changes can be found in the files
UPDATE and HISTORY.beta that come with the betatest archive.

Please do not post problem reports as a reply to _this_ message!!
Start a new thread with a descriptive subject for each report (this
makes handling these reports a lot easier for us).

If possible, please post in ENGLISH rather than German to allow
international testers to follow the threads.

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