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EAGLE version 6.5 released! [message #151950] Wed, 07 August 2013 09:04
Walter Spermann
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A new version of EAGLE is now available for download at


The changes since the previous version are:

* Consistency Checking:

- Added full consistency check of packages to avoid misleading informations
used e.g. for DesignLink.
- The inequality of part and element attributes or the absence of part attributes
in the appropriate board element is now treated as consistency error
(was only an ERC warning up to now).

* Design Rule Check:

- Increased max. thickness of the layer stack cores to 8mm.

* DIMENSION command:

- Now no snapping to objects on defining the second DIMENSION point is done
if Ctrl key pressed.

* MEANDER command:

- Now smaller loops are possible if MEANDER is handling a single signal.

* Installation:

- When a new EAGLE version is installed, now a backup file of the existing
user settings file is created (.eaglerc.sav on Linux and MAC, eaglerc.usr.sav
on Windows).
- Default assignment of shortcuts moved from 'eagle.scr' to extra script
'default-assign.scr' to avoid undesired overwriting. The existing
'eagleassign.scr', which contains useful ULP shortcuts for library editing,
has been renamed to 'lbr-assign.scr'.

* Miscellaneous:

- Added a ULP eagle-3d.ulp from Simplified Solutions Inc. for a connection to their
online service of generating a 3D printing from an EAGLE board.
- Added information about optional grid multiple in the coordinates display.
- Online help PASTE from file: Added a section about behaviour of global settings
like design rules etc.
- Removed suppression of drawing preview in control panel if the drawing is already
loaded in an editor.
- Changed the header section of GERBER_RS274X in the eagle.def file;
replaced the obsolete unit selection code "G70*\n" by "%%MOIN*%%\n"

* Bugfixes:

- Avoid superfluous pinrefs of UL_NET.pinrefs().
- Fixed mirroring of a polygon in signal layers during COPY.
- Fixed setting the radius of MITER in eagle.scr.
- Avoid tab characters in the dialogs of TEXT values (they are not supported).
- Increased the edge approximation accuracy for emulating circles
(e.g. for distance calculations).
- Fixed recalculating the bounding rectangle of a drawing after rotating
a group with a dimension object.
- Fixed moving the first wire of a polygon to zero length.
- Skipping polygon wires with zero length while loading drawings.
- In the properties dialog of a part now the gate name is displayed always
(also if there is only one gate).
- Fixed starting a new ROUTE with an auto-generated airwire on a long wire.
Sometimes the dynamical airwire led by mistake to the start segment.
- Fix for variant dialog in schematic: In case of parts of devices without
empty technology avoid wrong technology assignment after change in variant dialog.
- Fixed updating files from an older EAGLE version with special characters in
a designrule name.
- Avoid two busses with identical name if renamed within the properties dialog.
- Fix for variant dialog in schematic: Proper support for setting the empty
technology for a variant.
- Update of attributes after CHANGE PACKAGE/TECHNOLOGY: If attribute values
differ from old to new package/technology, they are updated, also if they have
been overwritten in schematic and/or board. This fixes an unintended behaviour
that was introduced in version 6.3.
- Attribute dialog in board: Allow deletion only for attributes defined only in
board or if f/b annotation is off (makes behaviour identical to deletion
by command line). Fix for related problem if there are global attributes in
schematic additionally.
- Took out OPTIMIZE entry from wire context menu for cases where OPTIMIZE is
currently not supported.
- Fix for loss of stored approved DRC errors after saving the changed board
without new DRC.
- Fixed drawing of thin arcs with flat caps in Gerber output.
- Fix for inconsistency after REPLACE if a device with several gates at same
position is involved. If previous and new gates don't match by gate names,
they are matched by their symbol names.
- Fix for insufficient accuracy of last grid settings.
- Fix for missing data reload after package update in library editor.
- Fixed export of monochrome images for pads/vias. Now the shape is considered
depending on layer visibility (distinction inside/outside).
- Fix for crash during conversion of a V5 schematic that worked in V5 but
contained some invalid data.
- Installation on MAC OSX 10.8: Fix for wrong file ownership. Files now have
root as owner and write access to group.
Additionally a check is done to avoid installation on no longer supported
OSX versions (< 10.6).
- Added handling of blanks in prefix, instance, part, element, pinref and contactref
names if updating files from older versions. As blanks are not supported in V6,
they are converted to '_'.
- Preview in Control Panel for schematic/boards: Make explicit refresh work
(triggered by menu selection or key F5).
- Measurement of signal length in MEANDER with higher precision and indication
of overflow (values > ca. 6700 mm).
- Fix for not searchable PDF files printed from MAC version.
- Fixed handling of cutout polygons in the same signal. The cut is done in
RATSNEST regardless where the cutout polygon belongs to.
- Fixed setting the current editor grid if changing the drawing type in the
library editor (device, package, symbol).
- Autorouter improvement for a track where only a wire split is missing.
- Fix for 'Expand all' function for control panel trees (triggered by '*').
- Avoiding unjustified changes of text alignment on labels in a group.
- COPY of net or bus wires: Creation of a new segment for the wire copy
if it's endpoints are apart from the source segment.
- Improved error message for the case of renaming a part/element to a name that
already exists, but only in the corresponding drawing of the (consistent)
project pair.
- Arbitrary pad shapes: Fix for special case where pad polygon was not recognized.
- Fixed changing technology or package variant of a part to '' via the command line.
- User-Language: Now the library context is used properly if accessing
- Fixed drawing placeholder texts for packages and symbols, that contain
no other objects.
- Fixed handling of larger polygons of arbitrary pad shapes in the DRC.
- Added a new ERC warning "SUPPLY pin .. without net" instead of the
misleading "No pins on net .."
- Search help in ADD dialog: Distinguishing between schematic (device search)
and board (package search).
- Fixed handling multiple pads connected to the same pin if used in devices
with several gates.

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