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EAGLE Version 6.3 released ! [message #147779] Mon, 08 October 2012 12:26
Walter Spermann
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A new version of EAGLE is now available for download at


The changes since the previous version are:

* Platforms:

- Linux: libpng and libjpeg directly linked into the executable to get rid of
dependency and availability of according system libs.

* Control Panel / Preview:

- Preview extensions for board and schematic. Sheet descriptions and size
information are also displayed.
- Beside file path indication of date and size of the currently selected file in
the status bar.
- Preview for packages: Display a ruler to indicate the size.

* User Language:

- Added new User Language object members UL_DEVICE.activetechnology,
UL_DEVICESET.activedevice and UL_INSTANCE.part.
- Extended the User Language data type 'string' to support unicode characters.
- Modified handling of the default assembly variant in ULPs:
the function variant() returns "''" for this and the function setvariant()
can be called with "''" or "".
- Now the objects of "Arbitrary Pad Shapes" are available in ULPs
through the loop members UL_CONTACT.polygons() and UL_CONTACT.wires().

* CHANGE command:

- Added missing option DTYPE for dimension types.

* DIMENSION command:

- Selection of rectangles and origins of elements or parts.
- Snap to objects on defining the second dimension point.

* TEXT command:

- Now text objects can contain more than one line. Line distance can be set.
Note: Older V6 versions can read these texts but not display them correctly.

* Miscellaneous:

- Now the editor for descriptions can edit different languages if existing.
English and the current local language are always available.
- Now duplicate layer names are tolerated for compatilibility reasons
(even though they should not be used).
- DesignLink: Search text field now with history, filtering of results.
- To avoid confusion, editing the coordinates of rotated rectangles
in the Properties dialog is no longer allowed.
- PCB quote service:
- Quote parameters now go to Element14, where regional specific partners
are offered.
- Parameters for assembly service were added.
- Added a warning if changing the assembly variant in the CAM Processor.
- Now boards are stored with proper data of the current assembly variant.
- Reduced line width (0.4mm) if drawing the marking 'X' of not populated parts.
- Add width and height in the Properties dialog for rectangles.
- Improved attribute dialog of devices to allow adding new attributes
with empty values via the command line.

* Bugfixes:

- Fixed unnecessary warnings about coarse grid values if pasting directly into
the board.
- Avoid inconsistency in case Sch.Cmd.Add.AlwaysUseDeviceNameAsValue set to 1
if the part value is cleared later.
- Fixed PINSWAP: ensure proper relocation of already routed wires on pads.
- Fixed an inconsistency: do not allow PINSWAP or GATESWAP if an affected pin
is connected to several pads.
- Formal correction of eagle.dtd (comments not allowed inside 'ATTLIST').
- Attributes with reserved names (like 'NAME', 'VALUE' etc.):
- Prevention of creation of such attributes except 'VALUE' in library editor.
Parts/elements from devices with this attribute take over the attribute value
as part/element value. The attribute itself is no longer accessible.
- The VALUE attribute is also used in case of CHANGE package/technology
or REPLACE by a device with such an attribute.
- Prevention of changing of smashed reserved placeholder texts by ATTRIBUTE command:
In this case the attribute list of the part or element is displayed instead.
- Improved drawing precision for arcs.
- Prevention of creation of polygons with only two points and overlapping wires.
- Fixed connectivity of net/bus wires or junctions if added to a group
with ctrl-click and moving this group.
- Fixed moving a group containing a polygon from one schematic sheet to another.
- Avoid inconsistency if copying parts with assembly variants.
- The alignment point of a dimension object is now automatically adjusted after
changes by the Properties dialog.
- Correction of online help (function xmlelement()).
- Fixed unintentional changes of mirrored state after placing a text on specific
layers (like Nets).
- Added UNDO/REDO of PREFIX changes (incl. marking file changed in library editor).
- Creation/deletion of attributes: Ensure proper redisplay of elements and instances,
also after UNDO/REDO.
- Now the name of the design rules is stored in the board file again.
- Fixed polygon representation in signal layers after MITER or SPLIT.
- Prevention of moving a text of a smashed instance to another sheet
without the instance itself.
- Fixed check box 'overwrites device name' in the Properties dialog of elements.
- Added missing info for 'Inner/Outer Layer Diam.' in the Properties dialog of vias.
- Now the polygon parameters Thermals and Orphans are only available if
applicable (in the board editor).
- Fix for highlighting pins/pads at wrong location in PINSWAP command.
- Fixed drawing artefacts when dropping a polygon during construction.
- Fixed writing the XML data file for airwires in special case.
- Added missing default assembly variant ('') if looping through
UL_SCHEMATIC.variantdefs or UL_BOARD.variantdefs.
- Prevention of changing the position or rotation in the Properties dialog
of an element with the 'Locked' flag checked.
- Avoid a possible inconsistency if a net is automatically generated by
moving an instance so that pins contact each other.
- Now undefined characters of the vector font are displayed as '?'.
- Omit printing of origins also for gates and elements (like for instances etc.).
- Added an error message if a CHANGE parameter is used in improper context.
- Now the update report XML file is opened in the external editor if necessary
and one is defined by the user.
- Now the update report window is opened in readonly mode.
- Fixed OPTIMIZE/UNDO if during optimization a wire has been converted
to an airwire.
- Fixed unintended connections if pasting a net and the corresponding board
contains a signal without a net counterpart.
- Fix for print problem on Windows if called from command line editor
(landscape was ignored).
- Fixed drawing the unpopulated cross of instances if modified through
the command line (VARIANT).
- Fix for PDF print problem on MAC to avoid large and not searchable files.
- Changed handling of names in the VALUE command syntax to case insensitive.
- Fix in the Autorouter/Follow-me router: the extension objects of not
conntected pads with arbitrary pad shape were not taken into account.
- Fix for drawing artefacts after pasting a dimension object.
- Fixed writing the XML data file for airwires with an invalid extent.
- Fixed selecting assembly variants in the combo box with single quotes
in their names.
- Avoid unsuitable entries in Control Panel trees (e.g. 'User Language Programs'
tree only for files ending with '.ulp').
- Fixed a crash if drawing dimension objects and the 'Dimension line width'
is set to zero. In that case arrows are no longer filled.
- Fixed a crash if starting the Autorouter/Follow-me router with an active,
but not available layer.
- Fixed ADD through the command line with assignment of an object name :
the currently handled object has been dropped inadvertently.
- Fixed the attributes dialog of instances: a previous fix in version 6.2.1
has added by mistake the global attributes here.
- Fixed a crash when switching to a project using a recently deleted library.
- Fixed a possible loss of consistency after renaming a net with the NAME
command or by placing a supply symbol if the target net exists already
on a different sheet.
- Control Panel: Made Key F2 for renaming files work again.
- Removed useless Align combobox from parameter toolbar when running the
LABEL command.
- Proper handling for changed device attributes in schematic when reset to
device value from library.
- Fix for finding symbols with umlauts when adding them in device editor.
- Fix for possible crash when copying parts with assembly variants from one
schematic to other.
- User defined context menus: Avoid definition of multiple identical menu
entries for one object type.
- Avoid plain text descriptions in control panel turn into links after previous
click on a link.
- Now global attributes are ignored as in version 5 if attributes of parts are
accessed by ULPs.
- Fix for visibility of click state of buttons on MAC.
- Fixed mirroring of texts of dimension objects in mirrored layers like bDocu.
- Fixed handling of '+' characters in the ULP functions cfgget()/cfgset();
this character is valid e.g. in key assignments with modifiers.
- Fixed recalculation of the symbol bounds when editing a device set.
- Fix for disappeared preview in print dialog after printing on MAC.
- Fixed for displaying the pointer rectangle in the SHOW command in case
it's a net containing only pin references (no wires).
- Fix for ensuring correct printer selection on Windows.
- Fixed inadvertently resetting of parameters (e.g. wire width) to factory
defaults if loading another drawing.
- Fixed using the proper net class while subtracting pads with "Arbitrary
Pad Shapes" from polygons (e.g. in RATSNEST).
- Fixed a possible "Abort: Unknown objectType..." during "Paste from file"
if the pasted drawing contains wires of zero length.
- Fixed changing a variant via the command line on parts with overwritten
- Fixed changing value or technology of parts or elements with variants
not having own value and technology (the variants kept the previous
value and technology from default variant).

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