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EAGLE version 5.8 released! [message #124450] Tue, 30 March 2010 14:19
Klaus Schmidinger
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The new version 5.8 of EAGLE is now available for download at


The changes since version 5.7 are:

* Platforms:

- The minimum system requirement for the Mac version of EAGLE is Mac OS X
10.4 (this was forgotton in the version 5.7.0 release notes).

* License:

- CadSoft now provides an EAGLE "Freemium" license, which is valid
for a limited time, and is more powerful than the Freeware license.
See http://www.element-14.com/eagle-freemium for more information.
- The Standard edition of EAGLE can now handle 6 signal layers.
- The "Help/EAGLE License..." option now allows the user to choose between
using a customized license file, the Freeware or the Freemium license.

* POLYGON command:

- Added a note to the online help of the POLYGON command, recommending to
leave the Isolate parameter at 0 to avoid problems during manufacturing.

* PRINT command:

- The PRINT command now always sets the default output file name to that of
the currently loaded file when printing to a PDF or Postscript file.

* SET command:

- SET SNAP_LENGTH now accepts units.

* TEXT command:

- Added a note to the "Attributes" section of the online help for the
TEXT command, saying that there should be only one placeholder text
per attribute name in any given symbol or package.

* Miscellaneous:

- When a board is loaded, any leftover empty signals are now deleted
- The total thickness of the layer setup in the Design Rules is now
displayed with the unit defined in SET Interface.PreferredUnit.

* Bugfixes:

- Fixed handling UL_VIA.diameter[] for LAYER_TSTOP and LAYER_BSTOP, in case
the via's drill is not greater than the value defined in "Design
Rules/Masks/Limit" and the via's VIA_FLAG_STOP is set (in which case
0 was returned instead of the actual diameter).
- Fixed making sure that every #include file in a ULP is processed only once.
- Fixed a possible crash with large Autorouter jobs on Mac OS X.
- Fixed handling existing exclamation marks in names when updating files
from versions before 5.0.
- Fixed using the selected technology in the REPLACE command.
- Fixed wrongful unsmashing of parts on the source sheet after moving a
group to an other sheet.
- Fixed setting the used signal layers after creating a new board from
a schematic.
- Fixed reactivating snapping after starting a transparent command while
the GROUP command is active.
- Fixed EXPORT IMAGE in monochrome with colored background.
- Fixed redrawing attributes if only their name has been changed.
- Fixed a crash when zooming far in to a mirrored text with non-vector
font on Windows.
- Fixed displaying combo boxes on Windows with "extra large fonts".
- Fixed wrongfully adding a wire to an existing signal if the wire is placed
at a point where a connected SMD pad exists on a different layer.
- If the ATTRIBUTE command is used with the invalid syntax
ATTRIBUTE <partname> <attributename> (x y);
a "Missing attribute value" error is now given.
- Fixed a missing confirmation in the schematic when changing the value of
an attribute that has the 'constant' option set in the library.
- Fixed a possible crash when doing an UnSmash on the last element in a
board that contains no signals, and where the element has attributes.
- Fixed artifacts in combo box lists on Mac OS X 10.6.
- Fixed a possible crash when printing to a PDF file on Mac OS X 10.4.
- Fixed displaying local attributes in the schematic in case there is
a global attribute with the same name.
- Fixed sluggish performance, especially after UNDO/REDO with schematics
that contain many sheets.
- Fixed printing on Mac OS X 10.6 with some printer drivers (for instance the
"HP Laserjet 5100 Series").
- Fixed a memory leak in case a toolbar is wider than the editor window.
- Fixed a possible crash when starting a command in the schematic editor,
doing a SHOW in the board editor, and finally continuing the command in
the schematic editor in such a way that a forward annotation changes the
data in the board editor.
- Fixed handling signal polygons in case a net that is present only on a
single sheet is completely renamed.
- Fixed quoting technology names in EXPORT SCRIPT.
- Fixed switching the "OK" button to "Show" in the INVOKE dialog when
clicking on a gate that is already invoked.

Klaus Schmidinger

Klaus Schmidinger Phone: +49-8635-6989-10
CadSoft Computer GmbH Fax: +49-8635-6989-40
Pleidolfweg 15 Email: kls@cadsoft.de
D-84568 Pleiskirchen, Germany URL: www.cadsoft.de
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