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EAGLE version 5.5 released! [message #63237] Tue, 14 April 2009 10:58
Klaus Schmidinger
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The new version 5.5 of EAGLE is now available for download at


The changes since version 5.4 are:

* User Language:

- The new function strxstr() can be used to search strings using regular
expressions in User Language Programs.
- Added a note to the online help for UL_DEVICE about using the 'package'
data member to check whether this device has a package.

* Design Rule Check:

- The DRC no longer issues a "Drill Distance" error for vias that have only
one layer in common, e.g. 1-2 and 2-3 ("stacked vias").
- The Design Rules dialog now issues a warning if the layer setup uses
any layers that are not available in the licensed program edition.

* Text editor:

- It is now possible to use an external text editor instead of EAGLE's
built in text editor (see "Help/Editor Windows/Text Editor").

* AUTO command:

- The new option FOLLOWME in the AUTO command opens the Autorouter dialog
in a mode where only the parameters controlling the Follow-me router
can be modified.
- Routing from and to pads, smds and vias in the Autorouter has been

* CHANGE command:

- The CHANGE PACKAGE/TECHNOLOGY command no longer overwrites the value of
parts where the device has "value off", but the user has overwritten the
value (which is detected by comparing the old value to the name of the old

* CONNECT command:

- Improved handling the width of the connection list in the CONNECT dialog.

* DRC command:

- The DRC command no longer automatically brings up the ERRORS dialog if
there are only approved errors.

* ERC command:

- The ERC command no longer automatically brings up the ERRORS dialog if
there are only approved errors/warnings.
- The ERC message "OUTPUT and ... pins mixed on net ..." has been enhanced
to show the actual direction of the referenced pin, so that the offending
pin can be easily located.

* EXPORT command:

- The new option WINDOW of the EXPORT IMAGE command can be used to export
an image that contains only the currently visible window selection of the

* PRINT command:

- The new option SHEETS of the PRINT command can be used to print a given
range of sheets from the command line.
- The new option WINDOW of the PRINT command can be used to print only the
currently visible window selection of the drawing.
- The new options PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE of the PRINT command can be used to
define the orientation of the resulting output.

* RENAME command:

- The RENAME dialog now contains the current name of the object, so that
it is easier to make small changes.

* REPLACE command:

- The REPLACE command no longer overwrites the value of
parts where the device has "value off", but the user has overwritten the
value (which is detected by comparing the old value to the name of the old

* ROUTE command:

- The ROUTE command can now be used in "Follow-me" mode, where the
Autorouter is used to automatically route the selected airwire according
to the current Design Rules and Autorouter parameters.
Note that you need to have the Autorouter module enabled in your EAGLE
license in order to use the Follow-me router.
- The ROUTE command now automatically sets the wire width and via drill
according to the values defined by the Design Rules and net classes if
the new flag "Options/Set/Misc/Auto set route width and drill" is set.

* SET command:

- The new wire bend styles '8' and '9' are used to control the behavior of
the Follow-me router. '8' means route only the short end of the selected
airwire, while '9' routes both ends.

* SHOW command:

- If the '@' character is given in the command line of the SHOW command,
a pointer rectangle is now drawn around the shown object. This is helpful
in locating small objects that wouldn't show up too well just through
- If an object given by name in the SHOW command is not found on the current
schematic sheet, a dialog is now presented containing a list of sheets on
which the object is found.

* UPDATE command:

- The library update no longer overwrites the value of parts where the
device has "value off", but the user has overwritten the value (which is
detected by comparing the old value to the name of the old device).

* Miscellaneous:

- Improved performance of approving ERC/DRC errors.
- Speeded up clearing the ERRORS list when clicking on the "Clear all" button
of the dialog.
- Modified the way EAGLE writes its files in order to avoid data corruption
on broken NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems.
- Speeded up calculating signal polygons.
- The packages of parts that are added to the schematic are now placed on
the board using the current grid.
- Speeded up filling the ERRORS list after running the DRC/ERC.
- The "File/Save all" function now also saves the eaglerc file.
- Some users don't want the warning message about a supply pin overwriting
a generated net name. The command

SET Warning.SupplyPinAutoOverwriteGeneratedNetName 1;

can now be used to disable that warning.
- Added a note to the "Stop" checkbox in the properties dialog of a via,
telling the user that this is not applicable if the drill diameter of the
via exceeds the value defined in "Design Rules/Masks/Limit").
- When a supply pin is placed on a net segment, the user is now asked
whether the net segment shall be renamed to the name of the supply pin.

* Bugfixes:

- Fixed checking for balanced pairs of '{' and '}' in the MENU command.
- Fixed updating the via length combo box if the layer setup is modified
while the VIA command is active.
- Fixed displaying technology names in the device editor's Description
pane in case they differ only in leading zeroes of their numeric parts.
- Fixed marking a drawing as modified if a global attribute is changed.
- Added missing User Language constants FRAME_BORDER_*.
- Fixed changing the layer of a polygon in a package or symbol (it wouldn't
change between signal and non-signal layers).
- Fixed a crash when doing a Drag&Drop from the WinRAR program under
Windows (dropping still doesn't work from WinRAR, but at least EAGLE
won't crash any more).
- Fixed updating the path names of items in the Control Panel's tree view
if the directory in which they are contained is renamed from within the
tree view.
- Fixed handling the 'catch factor' in case it is smaller than the 'select
- Fixed handling the indicator lines if a smashed text of a locked part
is contained in a GROUPE MOVE.
- Fixed updating the via diameter display in the Properties dialog when
changing the drill diameter and clicking on 'Apply'.
- Fixed updating the tree list in the ADD, REPLACE etc. dialog when
reopening such dialogs after modifying a library from outside of EAGLE.
- Fixed printing pad shapes in inner layers.
- Fixed drawing drill holes of pads and vias (they were drawn one pixel too
small in radius).
- Fixed unjustified ERC warning "Segment of net ... has no visual connection
(like Label, Bus or Supply pin) to other segments of the same net" in case
of empty segments (which sometimes were left over from older versions).
- Fixed sticky status messages like "DRC:".
- The layer setup tab in the Design Rules dialog now displays the total
thickness of the board by adding up all copper and isolate values.
- Fixed a possible loss of consistency when deleting a junction from a pin.
- Fixed displaying status messages in the text editor.
- Added missing constants LAYER_INFO and LAYER_GUIDE to the online help
page for UL_LAYER.
- Fixed using the MIRROR and ROTATE command after defining a new group
while one of these commands is already active.
- Fixed handling the <img> tag in the description editor and in the ADD
- Fixed an occasional problem with renaming temporary files on Windows in
case the new file name already exists.
- Fixed keeping approved DRC errors when clicking on the "Clear all"
button in the ERRORS dialog.
- Fixed initial display of a pasted group at the mouse position in case
the PASTE command was entered from the command line with an orientation.
- Fixed showing the current angle in the Angle combo box of the parameter
toolbar if the value has been entered in the command line and is not one
of the default orthogonal values.
- Fixed a crash when clicking with the MITER command on a wire of a polygon
that consists of only three edges.
- Fixed generating technology and attribute lines in EXPORT SCRIPT for
devices that have no package (like frames etc.).
- Fixed detaching a pin from a net in case one net wire ends at the pin,
while another net wire of the same net segment passes over the pin's
connection point, and the wire ending at the pin is deleted. In such
a situation, the pin was left connected to the net, and when it was
later connected to a different net, the corresponding pad in the board
was connected to two different signals.
- Fixed the online help of the <a> HTML tag (it allows only links within
the same document).
- Fixed approving DRC errors in the ERRORS dialog in case some errors are
currently not displayed, because their layer is hidden.
- Fixed a crash in the Mac version in case a device was loaded in the
library editor, the "EAGLE" pulldown menu was openend and the mouse cursor
was moved over the (wrongfully disabled) "Quit EAGLE" item.
- Fixed toggling the group membership of objects when clicking on them
with the Ctrl key pressed.

Klaus Schmidinger
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Klaus Schmidinger Phone: +49-8635-6989-10
CadSoft Computer GmbH Fax: +49-8635-6989-40
Hofmark 2 Email: kls@cadsoft.de
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