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EAGLE version 5.4.0 released! [message #60778] Thu, 08 January 2009 09:51
Klaus Schmidinger
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The new version 5.4.0 of EAGLE is now available for download at


The changes since version 5.3 are:

* Miscellaneous:

- Speeded up the window refresh in the schematic editor in case there are
many parts with lots of attributes that don't display their value.

* Bugfixes:

- Fixed detecting faulty nameless attributes for parts in case a part is
copied and there have been attributes deleted before that.
- Fixed a crash in the DRC with zero-width arcs in the t/bRestrict layers.
- Fixed checking zero-width straight wires in the t/bRestrict layers.
- Fixed changing the net name of every segment on the current sheet in case
the same net is also present on other sheets.
- Fixed handling UNC paths in Options/Directories.
- Fixed selecting multi-gate parts by name in the NAME command (the old name
had to be given as a full gate name, e.g. IC1A, instead of the basic part
name, e.g. IC1).
- Fixed drawing artefacts when moving a part in the board that has pads or
smds with long names, and displaying the pad names is activated.
- Fixed a crash in the User Language function fileglob() in case the given
pattern string is empty.
- Fixed a duplicate confirmation when using the User Language function
- Fixed clearing the status bar in the SHOW command when clicking on an
object that has no name after highlighting a named object.
- Fixed handling zero length airwires when moving a group.
- Making sure the actual via length used in the VIA command is one of
those defined in the layer setup.
- Fixed superfluous airwires when checking whether a wire is connected to
a polygon.
- Fixed calculating polygons with a large Width that are connected to pads
with thermals.
- Fixed faulty backannotation when changing an attribute of an element in
the board where the corresponding part in the schematic doesn't have that
- Fixed handling pin names with @nn when CUT/PASTEing.
- Fixed a crash when entering 'CLASS -8'.
- Fixed clearing the "Updating libraries from paste buffer" status message
in the PASTE command.
- Fixed invoking instances after CUT/PASTE in case they were smashed and
were not part of the original group.
- When loading a schematic or library file from an earlier version, the
new layers 97 and 98 are now automatically added.
- Fixed handling the drill holes of blind/buried vias in the CAM Processor
in case none of the layers affected by a particular via is active (if the
"Fill pads" option was unchecked, the hole was always drawn and may have
punched through wires in other layers).
- Fixed handling the offset of wires and texts of frames contained in a
device's symbol in UL_FRAME.
- Fixed handling the orientation and positioning of texts of frames
contained in a device's symbol in the CAM Processor.
- Fixed handling extensions in the RENAME command.
- Fixed calculating the number of edges for arcs and circles in the CAM
Processor's output devices.
- Fixed a possible data corruption if the RIPUP command with the '!'
option was used without terminating the command line with ';'.

Klaus Schmidinger
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